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Two pieces of Samosas (Fried pastry with a savory filling of spiced mashed potatoes, onions and peas). Our handmade vegan samosas are served with tamarind chutney.


Samosas are a popular entrée, appetizer, or snack in the local cuisines of South Asia, Western Asia, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and Africa.

Please be advised that if you order anything outside of the business hours your food will be prepared after we open our kitchen in our scheduled time.


250 South Main Street

Longmont Colorado 80501

United States of America – USA


Business Hours:

Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Monday: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Thursday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Saturday: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM


Your food will be ready in 10-15 mins. Large orders might require additional 10-15 mins. Please call us at 720 731 9550 if you need to change your order. If you need your order at a specific time, please add your time for pick up in the additional notes section during the checkout process.


7 reviews for Samosa

  1. Sam K.

    I think these are practically a must for any order and always taste very good. I recommend it to other people

  2. D. Hughes

    I had to try these simply because I was intrigued by them. The description is exactly what they are, but don’t let it fool you, the combination of potatoes, onions, and peas works so much better than I expected. They are delicious.

  3. Chris

    Great samosa! Love the fennel and the peas still had some pop to them.

  4. Malcolm watson

    Really yummy samosas. All of the food here is first rate

  5. Naomi

    We always order these with every meal, they’re so addictive! Just had a big batch for a holiday party and they were the first thing to go. Definitely add them on as an appetizer!

  6. Melanie

    So delicious!! These are a must add-on for your order. Generous portion and the flavor is spot-on. We’ll definitely be getting these again!

  7. Scott E.

    Killer Samosa, properly seasoned.

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