Main Course

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Main course comes with a bowl of rice:
* Chicken Curry

* Chicken Curry Masala

* Chicken Saag ‘Spinach’

* Chicken Tikka Masala

* Chicken Korma

* Chicken Vindalho or Vindaloo

* Lamb Curry

* Lamb Curry Masala

* Lamb Saag ‘Spinach’

* Lamb Korma

* Lamb Vindaloo or Vindalho

* Paneer Saag ‘Spinach’

* Paneer Tikka Masala

* Vegetable Curry

* Vegetable Curry Masala

* Vegetable Korma

* Chana Masala ‘Chickpeas’

* Aalo Saag ‘Potato and Spinach’

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